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4.14. TCN-1 [ *** NEVER ever edit this MARC record! ]

The Bib Record with ID TCN-1 is reserved for all pre-cats. This MARC Record should never be edited.

If it is edited, every pre-cat in the system will take on those characteristics. It will change the over 20,000 pre-cat items in the System and make the record display in the catalog as though it is available.

The record should always look like this:


How Does Editing the TCN Actually Happen?  DON'T DO THIS. 

If a person accidentally scanned the barcode in Item Status and then clicked on the MARC link that appeared.  They added and edited Fields on this record. (I assume they had to save the changes too.)   This causes system chaos because the TCN-1 is a shared bibliographic record. 

Please report to Support IMMEDIATELY if you edit the TCN by accident.

Steps for restoring TCN-1/ID-1 if it is edited

1. Create or Find a Pre-Cat.  
2. Call up barcode in Item Status.
3. Click on the MARC hyperlink.
4. Go to MARC Edit tab.
5. The record will appear as in the example below. At this point you can edit the heck out of the MARC record.
6. Fix it by removing all tags except the ones in the screen shot

Here are more recent Instructions:
  • To access the pre-cat bib record's MARC, you will need a pre-cat item's barcode (for example: 39427103168027).
  • Go to Search for Items by Barcode and enter the barcode for the pre-cat item.
  • Click on Actions and under "Show" click Record Holds.
  • When the record comes up, you can then click on MARC Edit or MARC View as needed.

Here is what the record should looks like:
<record    xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"    xsi:schemaLocation="http://www.l
oc.gov/MARC21/slim http://www.loc.gov/standards/marcxml/schema/MARC21slim.xsd"    xmlns="http://www.loc.gov/MARC21/
slim"><leader>         a              </leader><controlfield tag="001">-1</controlfield><controlfield tag="003">Tru
e</controlfield><datafield tag="901" ind1=" " ind2=" "><subfield code="a">-1</subfield><subfield code="b">AUTOGEN</
subfield><subfield code="c">-1</subfield><subfield code="t">biblio</subfield><subfield code="s">oclc</subfield></da


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