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2.2. Cloning and Using Templates to Run Reports

Cloning and Using Templates

After you have created folders, you can create or clone a template. Cloning templates allows you to keep reports you run regularly in your own folder and means that you won't need to access the shared folders every time you want to run a report.

The SPARK Community requests that you clone any shared template of interest to your own folders before testing and using.

SPARK has a number of Shared Templates available. Folders named Equinox and SPARKReports contain reports that have been created especially for SPARK member's general needs. Other folders have been created by SPARK library members and are shared with the Consortium to address specific report requests.

PaILS/SPARK Support will also have shared folders based on their login PaILSLastName that are maintained in response to various support requests.


Clone Selected Template

  1. Under Shared Folders expand the Templates folder and the subfolder of the report you wish to clone. To expand the folders, click on the grey arrow or folder icon.
  2. Click on the subfolder.
  3. Use the checkbox to select the template you wish to clone. From the dropdown menu choose Clone selected template, then click SubmitNote: By default Evergreen only displays the first 10 items in any folder. To view all content, change the Limit output setting from 10 to All.)


4. Choose the folder where you want to save the cloned template, then click Select Folder. Only template folders created with your account will be visible. If there are no folders to choose from please see Creating Folders.



5. The cloned template opens in the template editor. From here you may modify the template. The Template Name and Description can also be edited. When satisfied with your changes click Save.


6.Click OK in the resulting confirmation windows.

Once saved it is not possible to edit a template. To make changes, clone a template and change the clone.

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